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Boredom's Vassal

Surrender to the Monotony of Life

24 August 1987
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Hmm...how many times have I written my age and other such information for these kinds of things?? Oh well...here we go again!!

I'm twenty-one years old and live in sunny Southern California. I like to write and draw, but, if you look at most other people's personal information, who doesn't?? I quite honestly have no life, and frankly I'm too lazy to have one. My memory is horrible, I'm most likely the clumsiest person on the face of this earth, and my attention span is about as big as the sharp end of a needle.

I'm in my fourth year of college, and during the Holidays I work at an animal hospital back home. I am never separated from the gore long. This, unfortunately, means little time to have one of those strange and wonderful things called a life. So I pretend to have one here while I procrastinate on homework.

Some random information about me is that I've never been defeated in a belching contest, except by my sister's ex-fiance, but his reign will only last so long. I have also never found a video game that could best me, nor a videogamer. I don't cuss, though I am known to say "Moo" sporadically throughout the day. No one really knows why...I just do.

I'm an extremely friendly person, so if, for whatever reason, you decide you would like to add me to your flist, I'm very likely to do the same for you.

I also have plans for a new world order. This is the outline for my speech on domination day, courtesy of golden_meliades:

It may or may not have involved the use of fish as weapons (I don't know why but I can just see you spinning a mean mackerel.) and claims of resistence being fertile. (You being dyslexic and all ;) ) Bonuses for signing up would be chocolate and piercings of choice. Under the Zipi-government, gaming would be the international sport, language would have been easier to learn since the only word would be 'moo', and good anime would play on multiple channels 24 hours a day, and all boys would be pretty...or else.

Ambitious new revolutionaries could gain themselves the most coveted perk of all by signing up other members. The prize? One major bishie per ten persons converted to Zipism.


Any icons not made by me are credited (or have a "Made by...?" which means let me know if you do!). Those not credited, made by me XD

Want to know more? Go here. There be peek-a-tures. :P

Well...that's all I have to say about myself for the time being, so I will end this with a heartfelt "Moo!!"

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