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Hey there! Whatcha doin'? It's been awhile since I posted, and that is a shame. A lot (yet at the same time, very little) has happened since my last update, but I'll post about the two most important things.


Meet the newest additions to the Zipi household. Libby is small one (3/4 pug, 1/4 beagle), and Ubee is the big one (border collie, German shepherd mix, we think). Clearly, working at a humane society is a bad idea for me :P

It's been interesting getting to know new dogs. I'd forgotten what it's like to actually have to train them, so that took some adjustment (though we're still struggling with Libby's housebreaking. Her previous owner paper trained her and trained her to not go potty on grass [why would they DO that!?], so not only do we have to train her we have to break the previous training). But they're good dogs and I'm enjoying having them here :) Even with Ubee's excessive shedding (OMG. I cannot keep up with the hair XD).

And the other important thing:


Matt and I got engaged! :D

It was a simple proposal (he didn't want me to guess what was happening so he kept it very low key) at the beach after work one day. I almost ruined it because I was too tired, but luckily he dragged me out of the house, albeit in my baggy, frumpy-but-comfortable clothes :P

Us at the beach, awkwardly taking pictures of ourselves because I was too shy to ask someone else to despite Matt's odd insistence.

Around this time a woman stopped and asked if she could take our picture because she hated seeing people do it themselves, and Matt jumped at the opportunity (oddly enough :P). Right when she was about to take the picture, Matt asked her to hold on a sec because he, "found something in the sand." I looked down and it was a seashell box. Thinking he had legitimately dropped it, I looked away to give him a chance to recover, but then he grabbed my hand and pulled me to look at him.

This is what I saw when I looked back. You can see on my dorktastic face my thoughts were akin to, "Durr. Whatcha doin' down thur?"

He popped the question, I said a giggly yes and did a little clappy thing that I don't remember doing but the camera caught the evidence :P

He's putting my shiny on.

Me being giggly.

More composed now.

The most important part of the night: the goldfish cracker Matt found on the beach and just HAD to have a picture of. Obviously XD

The ring's original box.

The seashell box he gave it to me in.

Presentation is important.

The wedding band (it's a "puzzle ring").

What the set will look like.


Unless I bring it inside :P

I think the best part about this though was that Matt knew I would want to tell my best friend, Alicia, about it right away, but also that I would want to do it in person. So the next morning, after agonizing over how I wasn't sure when I would be able to get down to LA to tell her, we went to breakfast and who did I find there but Alicia! Totally made my weekend.

He had apparently tried to get her out there the night of, but she couldn't make it due to work. He didn't tell her what was going on though, so she was just as surprised :) And to hide this surprise from me, he changed her contact name in his phone to Tom (one of our other friends) so I wouldn't get suspicious, and to hide the surprise from her, he told her he wanted her to come out because I was depressed (which made her imagine me curled up in a ball in the corner. She was much relieved at the actual reason XD).

So what we learned that weekend was that Matt is a master of deception. ...his mastery of which which will hopefully only be used for good.

So that's most of what's been going on with me! Work is going fine, though I can definitely see why people have a time working at a non-profit despite wanting to help out. There is A LOT of bureaucratic BS from the "higher ups" I have to deal with and guilt trips about how the clinic is bankrupting the organization (even though the accountant tells us otherwise) but whatevs. I gots two new puppies and a shiny thing on my finger (oh. And I suppose a great guy ;P) so :D
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CONGRATULATIONS! This is such good news to come back to considering I was just thinking of you yesterday and jkladfkasdf HAPPY NEWS! I really hope the two of you are happy together.

*dances so much on your behalf*

So much love <3 SO MUCH.

/incoherent, apparently.
Heehee. Thank you! I got your email too, so I hope this answers your question ;P

I think the pug just farted ew @_@

How about you? How are things on your end?
It does! It means happy things have been happening and not sucktastic things happy is so much better! Heh.

Sorry about the pug though >_>

I'm doing good! Still doing kind of the same old , same old, but business is starting to pick up at work again so more often then not, we're working full production weeks instead of 4/5 days. I just started doing the P90X thing about a month ago though because I was adding on the weight and so drained and tired and that's helped me out a ton. I haven't really lost much weight yet, but the rewards in energy has been phenomenal.

And... I think that's it? Still doing the roleplaying thing. Not doing the anime watching thing so much anymore, but do enjoy a show now and then. I tend to rewatch old favorites though, rather then getting into new. I just started playing Tales of the Abyss and I'm loving it and... yeah, I haven't got a clue.

I'm glad you're doing good!
Haha. Funny that you fall out of anime right when I start getting back into it :P

I'm glad work is picking back up again. Any changes at all in work other than more business? Or is it basically still teh frustrating/boring stuff?
Aw. That's one thoughtful guy, to get the pictures like that. NO ONE (well, probably a few people in the whole world, but not very many!) has those pictures. Photos of the dawning surprise and all. The only time you usually get that is if it was videotaped at a public function. Pictures are way better. (And somehow a freeze frame from a video is just never the same.) And thinking of your best friend because he knows what you're like, that's really rare and awesome, too. (Not that it doesn't occur to other men, it's just they don't usually ARRANGE it all for you.)

I just think an asexual getting married is the coolest thing, for so many reasons. I'm biased of course, but...

Congrats :)
I know! Sometimes I forget just how good a guy he really is and then he reminds me :)

I had mentioned to him a long time ago that it would be awesome to have the pictures, so when he got them I'd assumed he actually remembered me saying that like three years ago. But when I brought that up, he apparently didn't remember me saying that at all, so he essentially thought of it on his own XD

Thank you for the congrats! It's kinda weird, though, being in this position. It's never something I thought I'd get into, but here I am. I consider myself very lucky to have found him, for many reasons, but especially because I found someone who respects the asexual thing (likely because he basically is too, though he doesn't care for the label).
The label makes no difference to me either way. I basically find it convenient. A way of saying 'Look, I find sex repulsive and always have and that's never going to change because I'm a healthy normal person and this is just how I am, and how plenty of other people are, too, so back off.' without having to get into it. It's a way to keep discussion to a minimum, and I like that a lot :)
WHEE! congrats! Tell Matt he dun gewd!!
Thank you! I have told him this, and he said, "Hellz yeah, I did!"

Deleted comment

Thank you!
That's so lovely, congratulations! ♥
Thank you! <3
but I saw this and knew you had to see it too, if you've already seen it then sorry for being late :P

Oh. MY. God. How could I have missed this?! Congratulations!!!! Sorry they are so late, but apparently I was living under a rock or something. Again, congrats! I'm so happy for you two!
And it was such a romantic proposal! *swoons*

Me and hubby decided we'll get married pretty much after he kissed me. First time. Which was a first kiss for both of us. Yeah. No going out, no roses, no ring :(
Guess it still worked though...
*wishes you both the same happiness that I have*