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Doing a little better today, though I'm still prone to random crying. And not so random crying, like when I walk by his bed and reach down to pet him out of habit. When I realize he's not there it's enough to bring me to my knees.

Matt took off work yesterday and today, and I got to talk to my old boss about it, both of which have helped. I described his symptoms to my old boss and she said it sounded like he could have had meningitis too, but confirmed that with how fast everything happened there was really nothing that could have been done.

I've been carrying his leash and collar around with me since Friday, which is probably a little weird but oh well. That and the lock of hair they gave me are all I have left of him. They're going to send me an imprint of his paw print too, and I'll be getting his ashes back in a week or so.

I'm hoping I can put this aside for work tomorrow. It seems like an impossible task right now but I'll have to try. It'll be good for me though to get out of the house and have something else to focus on.

I miss him so much though :(
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