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So just a quick update as I have to run to work soon.

Work is good! The other tech and I are hitting it off great and aside from a rookie mistake here and there with checking people out (accidentally undercharged someone. Whoops), I think I'm getting the hang of things there. I like the doctors, too, though one is kind of old and psuedo retired from actually practicing medicine, so when one of my patents was going really pale on the surgery table and her oxygen levels were falling, it was a bit nerve wracking because he wouldn't tell me what to do. he just shrugged and said, "Little dogs."

Aside from that, I'm about 90% certain Spud had a seizure this morning :( Neither Matt nor I can stay home with him today so he's probably going to spend the day at the vet's getting tests done. I've spent the morning a bit teary because this is a sharp reminder that he's old and will leave me somewhat soon (plus I'm frustrated with not being able to be with him today, but I guess that's life).

And now I must run to work. Weee!
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